How much time do you have for doing your makeup?

It's that simple. Just book your lesson based on how much time you have for doing your makeup when getting ready. We'll figure the rest out with you during the lesson and help you to create a routine that fits you and your lifestyle. 


If time is not an obstacle for you, you may ask yourself how much time do you want to dedicate to makeup each day. Do you like leisurely prepping in the mirror, or do you prefer sleeping in?

Included In Every Lesson...

The goal of each lesson is to create an easy practical routine that fits your lifestyle, and leave you with the knowledge to change things up.

You will learn...

  • Awesome + Easy Application Techniques

  • YOUR Skin Tone + Undertone

  • YOUR Face Shape + Structure

  • How to Enhance YOUR Eyes + Highlight YOUR Strengths

  • What Works For YOU Don't get shown things just one way, work with a teacher who will help you find the method that works best for you.

  • Making Makeup Last All Day

  • Color Theory So you can confidently make correct color choices in makeup, such as choosing eye shadow colors for your eyes and making sure all colors in your makeup application go together.

  • Product Recommendations What product types are best for YOUR skin/the look you're trying to achieve.

  • Brush/Makeup Sanitation + Care

  • Choosing Brushes

  • To Utilize Makeup You Have Together, we go through the makeup and brushes you already have to find what can be used in your routine and what doesn't serve your purpose. We never throw your things away!

  • How to actually learn from YouTube videos Be able to watch a video and apply it to yourself without wondering why it's not working for you.

All lessons are done in your home, so we can work in the space and light that you'll actually be using. We bring everything that may be needed. All you have to do is have your face clean, makeup you own (if any) out, and spend a little time thinking about what you want your makeup to say about you. Then we'll teach you how to say it.

Simply book your lesson based on how much time you have to do your makeup, or how much time you'd realistically like to spend on makeup each day. 

For my makeup, I have/I'd like to spend...

  • 5-10 minutes. Quick. $80 for lesson

  • 15-25 minutes. Comfortable. $100 for lesson

  • 30+ minutes. Leisurely. $120 for lesson


Please note, times listed are not length of lessons. See our FAQ below for answers on lesson length.


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