• Talia Margaret Leister

Advice For The Times

Updated: Jul 16

I had planned for my first blog post to be on what to expect at a trial and how to make the most out of yours. (Which will still be coming out, don't worry.) However, present circumstances have prompted a more pressing issue to discuss: how to make it through these times and recover after. So, I humbly provide the following recommendations.

1. Wear makeup.

I know, I know, how can beauty be important at a time when we're all practically housebound. Well, let's start with a practical reason. I never realized how much I touch my face until I started trying not to, as advised. I rub my eye from cat hair, I put my hand to my mouth in shock when watching TV, I rest my face on my hand reading emails and research, the point is I touch my face a lot. Yet not when I'm wearing makeup. I'm much more mindful not to touch my face when I wear makeup.

Secondly, staying inside and the stress of current events can wear you down. You would be amazed at the power of makeup to pick you up. It doesn't do the trick for everyone, but when I put on makeup it just brings me glee. I don't always want to bother, but when I do I feel the difference. It doesn't have to be a full glam face, just whatever feels fun or good to me.

And to jump back to practical, wearing makeup forces us to wash our faces at the end of the day. Washing your face twice daily is a key to the best skin care regimes, and right now we can never cleanse too much.

2. Clean your makeup brushes and makeup.

While you're disinfecting everything else in your house, don't forget about your makeup and tools. Below are links to my favorite brush cleanser and cosmetic sanitizer. If you don't want to order these or miss them, 70%-91% alcohol is a staple in every kit for a reason. You can clean your brushes with it, and spray it on your cosmetics for disinfection.

Wipeout Brush Cleanser:


Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist:


(Btw, I get nothing for promoting them.)

3. Talk to your vendors about options sooner rather than later.

All Simple + Sultry March through July weddings have rescheduled, and many remaining through the rest of the year are at least considering. Between those weddings and couples who got engaged this year, next year is filling up already. If you are even considering rescheduling, start talking to your vendors about what dates they have available and their policy for change of date in this time. What we've learned from all of this is there's no such thing as taking precautions too early. Start the conversation, but don't panic. We are all here for you. I also have vendor replacement recommendations for anything you need, in case someone isn't available for your new date.

Stay well, healthy, and optimistic for your big day <3