"True beauty comes from within."

Simple+Sultry was created to help women feel good every day. We want to empower women using external physical resources to sway internal emotions. We want to teach women how to easily feel like a million bucks in the morning, even mornings they wake up feeling less-than. We want to give women the tools to not be intimidated by cosmetic choices and applications. We want to take advantage of the mind-body connection, and we want it to be easy for women. 

We understand that every woman has a different personal style and lifestyle. We listen to you, your wants, your needs, and work from there. Want to just have clean even skin? Ok. Want to know how to apply a fabulous smokey eye? Ok. You're a mom with maybe five minutes to herself in the morning but you still want to feel and look beautiful? Ok. We work with you because this is all about and all for you.

Similar is true when it comes to weddings. It is an honor to be chosen as a bridal artist. We enjoy being part of a woman's special day. We want each and every bride to feel like a million bucks on her wedding day, but most importantly, comfortable and like herself. 


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Talia was certified by the Make-Up Designory of New York in 2008 for makeup, and by the NSTPA in 2018 for sunless spray tanning. Her past work includes fashion, editorial, commercial, short films, music videos, and of course, bridal and special events. However, it was when teaching the makeup artistry course at Kingsborough College for two years that she discovered a true love lies in teaching women makeup in a way that works for them. Talia started Simple+Sultry to do just that.


"I believe everyone can be their own best make-up artist. The key to great make-up is the ability to understand the canvas you are working on, and who knows your face and what you like better than you?"





We are masters of the "no make-up" make-up look.

The make-up style we teach is natural and genuine. Does that mean we don't have fun with color and fabulous eye looks? No. What it means is that we will not teach you how to lay on a mask. We spot conceal, highlight, use light mineral foundation, start small and build up. When make-up is applied our way, your complexion will be even and glowing, but people will have to wonder if you're even wearing make-up. Yes, we can and will teach you smokey eyes and how to use color, pin-up red lips, and beautifully defined brows, but we believe make-up should add to you rather than hide you and refuse to teach it any other way.



We believe that the most effective learning happens when you learn hands-on, which is why we teach and you do in lessons. Everything we teach you will be able to practice so that you can learn how to do it for yourself. If you don't get it off the bat we'll be right there to help you ensuring that you'll be confident in your skills. 



In our society today, conformity rules. Follow the trends. Wear what's in style. Only 120lbs or less is desirable. Majority rules. If you do not fit the mold, then you are unacceptable.

Well, we say no. We say you are acceptable, ney beautiful, not in spite of, but for your differences. Everyone is unique, and every woman should own and love her unique beauty as who she is now.




We believe in you looking like you on your wedding day. Not the girl in all the magazine photos, and not the girl in all the inspiration photos. You. He's seen you first thing in the morning, and that's the face he wants to wake up to every morning. Trust us, that's the face he wants to see walking down the aisle towards him. 

We agree that inspiration photos create an easy method of visual communication between the artist and bride, and ask all brides to bring photos. However, we implore brides to keep themselves in mind. Look at photos with your skin tone, your hair color and length, your face shape, etc. But most of all, seek out looks and styles that match your vibe, who you are.



We will be there on time, every time. We will respond to communications efficiently. We will stand by our word and be trustworthy. We will use sanitized tools and products. We will be polite and cordial. We will be your bridal party's jukebox and selfie-station. We will give grandma a little spritz of hairspray because that's all she really wanted. We will go above and beyond in any way we can to ensure your wedding day prep-time is stress-free and enjoyable.



Talia, the founder, is married. She understands the looming figures of wedding costs and trying to find the best vendors or solutions. She understands what it's like to be a bridesmaid and after having paid however much for the dress, now having to shell out for make-up and hair to get the really great photos. For these reasons and more, she makes it a point to keep prices reasonable for the bride and party.

Cruelty-Free Beauty!

Being a cat-mom, Talia has stocked both her make-up and hair kits with cruelty-free products only. She has scoured through many products and found those that are critter friendly and still offer the longevity that bridal hair and make-up demands. For make-up she uses Face Atelier, Stila, Tarte, The Balm, Urban Decay, and Kett, to name a few. Her hair kit is stocked by Sexy Hair Concepts, Not Your Mother's, and Indie.