Sunless Tans

Look and feel amazing for an event or anytime

with a Simple + Sultry tan.

Available to any gender and everyone,

tans are done at your home or location.

We bring everything needed to tan you,

including a pop-up tent to protect the area.

From primer to finish we offer a premium experience,

so your tan is never orange and fades evenly.

Sunless Tans

Tan for One

Tans for Two

Tans for Three

Tans for Four or more



$80 ea

$70 ea

$60 ea

Surrounding Locations


$90 ea

$80 ea

$70 ea

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Tans must take place at same time and location for group rates.


Frequently Asked Tanning Questions


How long do I need to keep the tanning solution on?

When you shower dicates the depth of your tan. Showering in.. 2-3 hours results in light tan 3.5-4.5 hours results in medium tan 5+ hours results in deep tan Talia will discuss your tan goals with you and let you know when to shower, as well as give a reminder call or text if you would like.

Will I fade evenly? Is there a chance I'll turn orange?

We use premium products that deliver consistent color. The only time there is a chance you'll turn orange is if you insist on keeping the tanning solution on for longer than we recommend. Jumping too far in a tan can look funky, just like using a foundation too dark for your skin looks funky. Our tans are never orange, and as long as you follow the Simple + Sultry instructions for prep and after-care, you will fade evenly.

Is tanning available for any gender?

Yes, absolutely!

How long do tans last?

With proper care, tans last 7 days before you notice significant fading, and fully fade around 10 days. Your tan may fade faster if you engage in workout activities, take long hot showers, or sweat in your sleep nightly. Hot tubs WILL fade your tan. Please see 'Prep + Care' for more information on proper care.

What's included with a tan? What's the process?

Simple + Sultry brings everything needed for your tan. Disposable undergarments including bras, bikini or thong bottoms, and boxers are available for wear. Nets are given to protect your hair. We also offer eye protection and nasal filters for those who wish, but it is not necessary. We first prime your skin with our prep spray. Sticky feet are then applied to protect the soles of your feet and barrier cream is applied to areas prone to 'soaking up' tanning solution. If you have extra dry skin, then we will also apply a dry oil to your skin. It's a special blend that does not interefere with tanning. Now we're ready! We apply the tanner in two coats, directing you on positions and turns throughout. Once complete, we powder any skin folds (such as underarms and behind your knees). Let your tan process as recommended, rinse off, and you're glowing!

Are your products cruelty-free? Gluten-free?

Yes and Yes! We use premium products that spare no expense in quality, and don't pay for cruelty.

Prep + Care

How should I prepare for my tan?

The majority of tanning prep is done in the shower the day before your tan, with some things to keep in mind the day of the tan. The sheets above this FAQ (here) include all instructions for preparing for your tan on both days. If you have any questions, please ask at

What should I wear?

Please wear loose dark fitting clothing to your tanning appointment. If your tan is to take place at your home, then you may wear a dark robe or whatever you like. During your tan: You may wear undergarments or swimwear that you are not concerned with getting stained. Simple + Sultry also has disposable undergarments available that are included with your rate. How much or how little clothing you wear is completely up to you. You may be clothed, topless, or nude. This applies for all genders. Simple + Sultry takes pride in absolute professionalism under all circumstances, and we understand not wanting tan lines.

How should I care for my tan?

The sheets above this FAQ (here) give the info needed to keep your tan going as long as possible with even fading. If you have any questions, please ask at

Booking + Payments

How do I pay for tanning appointments? What forms of payment do you accept?

Talia will email you invoices that include links to pay online. If you ever do not see an expected invoice, please email Talia at and she will reissue it to you. The following payment forms are accepted for tanning appointents through the link supplied in invoices: Visa (Credit/Debit) Mastercard (Credit/Debit) American Express Discover Bank Payment

Is tax included? Gratuity?

All taxes and fees are included in prices given and rates listed. Gratuity is not included, demanded, or expected. If you enjoy your experience with Simple + Sultry, then feel free to extend your appreciation through gratuity. Thank you!

How do I book a tanning appointment?

Simply email Talia with your requested date at, or use our easy inquiry form here.

When should I book my tan if I have an event to attend?

It is recommended that you tan two days before any event. Day one - tan, day two - develop to full glow, day three - glow for your event. You may tan the day before your event, or possbily the day of, in emergent circumstances.

Where are tanning appointments conducted?

All of our services are on-location, meaning we come to you! It can be your home, a friend or family member's home, hotel, or any location within Brooklyn, Manhattan, and select surrounding areas. We ask that you have your shower available as we will conduct the tan in there. We do have a pop-up tent available, if you would prefer, in which case we would need an area of 5'x5' available. Those tanning with group rates must all be tanned at the same time and location.

Why are Brooklyn prices lower?

Talia (owner + sunless tanning tech) was born, raised, and lives in Brooklyn and tries to extend a discount to Brooklynites. It is also less travel for her.

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