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Should you have a trial?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Do you need to have a trial to book wedding day hair and makeup? No.

Do you need to have a trial to ensure your wedding day look is everything you could want? Maybe.

I find people should have trials if any of the following applies to them:

- You never wear makeup and are very nervous you won't feel comfortable with makeup on. Have a trial so you aren't stressed and nervous on your wedding day as your makeup is being done, since you'll already know how it will turn out and feel.

- You're very particular. You like things a certain way, and there's nothing wrong with that. Even if you're not particular with everything, just some things, a trial will give your artist a chance to learn your specific desires so there's less tweaking and perfecting on the wedding day.

- You're thinking of wearing something you don't normally wear. A lot of people try to do something different on their wedding day to make it feel more special, but when it comes to hair and makeup, leaving your comfort zone can produce anxiety and stress. If you always wear your hair down and want to do an updo on your wedding day, have a trial to make sure it's something you'll really be comfortable with. You don't want to have to restart your makeup or hair on your wedding day when you discover that something you thought you'd like doesn't look how you imagined it would on you.

- If you have very sensitive skin or allergic reactions, have a trial. My kit is built to be sensitive skin friendly and I have never had any medical emergencies, but if you've found your skin to be intolerant, it is best to be safe.

- Your hair does not hold a curl well and you want your hair down and curled. A trial can be useful in gauging just how much product will be necessary to make it hold.

- Conversely, your hair is naturally curly and you want to wear your natural curls down. A trial will give your artist a chance to get to know your curls, and how much of which products will produce the most enhanced curl for you. Curls are especially hard to start over with on a wedding day, so make sure your artist knows how you like your curls before the big day.

I do take weddings without trials and really enjoy them, putting my all into art created that day and never to be recreated. However, a trial will only benefit you. They can give you a chance to look at photos and pinpoint anything that makes the look feel even more you. They give you a chance to meet your artist and get comfortable with them. And they're simply a wedding planning experience you may not want to cut yourself out on.

This is speaking from my experience and I can only speak for Simple + Sultry. Please let me know any remaining questions pertaining to choosing to have a trial or not!

- Talia

Founder + Artist


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