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Wedding Day Upkeep Tips

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

After spending on hair, makeup, and a photographer to capture it all, you want to make sure everything stays great for every photo. While you shouldn't find yourself having to reapply everything, having these upkeep tips in mind can be beneficial.

  • If you're wearing a lip color, especially a bold one, assign a friend to be your 'lip hawk'. They'll let you know if you need to reapply your lip color so you never have to think about it. Kiss away!

  • When reapplying lip color: apply one layer, blot your lips with a tissue, then repeat this process once more. This will minimize transfering of the lipstick inside your mask, or on your new spouse!

  • Try to limit talking while wearing your mask. Of course it's your wedding day and there are people to talk to, so don't worry about it to a point where you are stressed. When you talk, you're moving your face against the mask allowing for rubbing and disruption of the makeup, so just avoid it as you reasonably can.

  • If you have your hair down in a carefree manner, you can skip this one. Everyone else: don't touch your hair, and don't let others touch it either. Styles don't like to be touched, they just want to sit on your head like a crown and show you off. Would you constantly touch your crown? No. Don't touch your hair. I say this with all the love.

(Other people have a habit of going for the hair, as well. If you're going in for a hug, one way to avoid this is to raise your arms so they are above the other person's when you hug.)

  • When the tears come, and I hope they do, catch or blot them rather than wipe them away. Fold a tissue over your index finger, then place the tissue in the corner of your eye under your tear duct. If you have too many tears falling to catch, don't worry, simply blot your face with a tissue. Just avoid wiping as that can disrupt the makeup.

Aside from your lips, the only touch up you may need is matting down shine, or pinning front-framing pieces out of your face later. If you find yourself getting a little too glowy for your liking, simply press a blotting sheet to the area.

Every betrothed serviced by Simple + Sultry will be given a touch up kit including:

  • Lip Balm, Lip Color, + Blotting Papers (For Makeup)

  • A Few Extra Hair Pins (For Hair)

  • Mirror (For Checking Out How Good You Look)

As always, I hope this information is helpful! Please let me know if there are any upkeep questions or concerns you'd like me to include!


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